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Who is Bernie Madoff?

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Who is Bernie Madoff?

Can you believe this is an actual topic of discussion on the Securities and Exchange Commission website? Take a look:

Will they ever post the answer to what is a Pelosi Scheme? I think not. Not till the American people wake up and demand a return of our country.  Now just how are the citizens of this great nation going to do that. In the ballot boxes. Wake up. stop doing what your parents did just because it was what you parents did. If I continued on that path I’d be a look aide drinking, card carrying Democrat. the same idiot that voted for Jimmy Carter in 1976 in the first election I was of age to participate  in. Why Jimmy Carder? Because he was a Democratic and my parents, rest their souls were straight line Democratic voters. Thank God I pulled my head out of that hole (I could have said something else).

Oh year I made the over correction for years thinking voting Republican was the penitence for my blunder of ignorance.

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